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I'm a long Real Estate investor, and have been buying, Real Estate for almost 20 years, Building Houses, doing "Impossible" remodels, flipping houses, Commercial construction and un-officially teaching and mentoring for many years. I finally realized that investing my time and experience into helping others reach their goals is my real passion. Over the years I have found that the people closest to me whom have had access to my "free" advise, are typically the exact people that take advantage of my time and actually use my gifts the very least, so I decided to get in front of more people via technology and see how many people I can really help.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learn this lesson the easy way, learn from MY mistake.

  This is probably common knowledge amongst most regular bloggers, but I learned a lesson that I really should have known already, being that I'm a pretty technical computer guy, but just like anything else there are red faced moments.

   I spent a pretty good amount of time typing Part TWO of  "MY First Mentor".   I typed it directly in to the form window on my blog...hit preview, and got an error saying that it had too many characters. So I thought I would just hit the "back button" and all would be well.  I was wrong!  After about an hour of puring through temp files and my Internet cache trying to locate all the words I had just written, I realized that it was lost !   >:-(
Even though I thought blogger was supposed to be backing up my "draft" to my surprise, it hadn't
,so  in the future I will always write in note pad or word then copy and paste.

LESSON TO ME, and others that may not have though of this:
Get in the habit of typing your work into something thats a little more permanent than a web browser, and use cut and paste BEFORE you  hit preview or publish.

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